Your Recipes

One of the major advantages to having all your recipes in one place is that when you’re creating your meal plan, you’re able to do it in a way that allows you to ensure you’re maintaining a well-balanced diet and not consuming too much of one type of food. Not only does this help you to be more conscious of what you’re eating in terms of general health, but also in terms of dietary restrictions. As an example, if you, like our family, has a family member who plays high-level competitive sports and is particular about what they’re putting into their body, especially about their pre-game or pre-practice meals, having the ability to hand-pick recipes and visualize how they fit in the overall scheme of your meal plan ensures that you can work around their restrictions without overloading on one food group.

A great tool to assist with this is tags or filters. You can use tags to group similar recipes by food group, protein type, meal type, or whatever else you may want, as they’re fully customizable. Doing so allows you to narrow down your recipe search when you’re planning your meals for dietary restrictions, and an overall well-balanced diet.

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